WAB1 RETRO2 Negative Women’s Goalkeeper Gloves



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The new WAB1 Woman’s Retro 2 glove has been styled from the very successful Undici Hex Retro glove.

The use of neoprene and 3mm new basic palm allows the glove to give the female goalkeeper a very snug feel, add to it the smaller finger length and reduced wristband you have the optimum fit.

In consultation with some of AB1GK’s women endorsee’s the WAB1 range has been produced to the meet the fit and feel of a female hand, the reduced size of the elasticated wristband, all-round slimmer fit and shorter fingers meet the requirements of a female goalkeeper playing at the highest level and also in Grass roots football.

WAB1 Size Guide

Standard Glove Size Women’s Glove Size
5 6
6 7
7 8

The WAB1 Goalkeeper Gloves are a slimmer fit so please follow the above size guide.