• Seams are inside the glove so that
    the adhesive foam runs around
    the fingers, this ensures optimum
    fit and stability, with your hands
    in constant ball contact with the
    latex palm
  • Pull Loop system, an application
    at the cuff ensures a simple and
    secure entry
  • The elasticated wrist bandage
    provides a comfortable fit that’s
    easy to adjust and provides the
    perfect support
  • A snugger fit than the traditional
    flat palm goalkeeping glove, which
    results in a better latex to ball
    contact when catching
  • Becoming a more popular choice in
    the Uk and European markets, this
    cut would suite a slimmer hand


  • Very popular cut in the UK market
    Palm attached directly to the
    backhand which results in the
    latex rolled or wrapped around the
    fingers for the optimum comfort
    and feel
  • The cut ensures that the ball and
    inner latex surfaces are always
    in contact with the ball when
    receiving or throwing the ball
  • Pull loop System


  • The palm of the glove wraps
    around the outside of the hand and
    forms a part of the backhand
  • This forms the entire palm and
    backhand construction using a
    single piece of latex, the advantage
    being that there a fewer seams
    on the glove making it more
  • With fewer seams there are less
    stress points on the glove
  • Pull Loop System


• The upper face of the glove features a neoprene and silicone injection back hand punch zone allowing for even greater impact and response on contact with the ball.

• The Hybrid Negative construction and extended 4mm Giga latex palm gives you a complete grip comfort in both wet and dry playing conditions.

• This glove can be worn with and without a wrist strap, our 2 colour options wrist straps are added if you find the need added support in and around the wrist area.


  • The AB1 system provides the keeper
    with customised finger protection
    system that is lightweight and
    flexible and protects the fingers
    from hyper extension
  • Making the spines removable the
    keeper can customise his glove
    that can help protect individual
    fingers from injury, particularly
    when a keeper id returning from
    injury, which gives them the
    confidence in their return to action
  • Pull loop system