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During my 15 years playing at the highest levels of the professional game, it was always imperative that my kit and equipment performed at the highest standards and in all conditions.

This experience helped me just over a year ago when I decided to start my goalkeeping brand, featuring designs and materials that I approve and enjoy wearing. To make this happen, I brought together a team around me that has over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacturing of goalkeeping products. Products that are Powered by Goalkeepers for Goalkeepers.

Our first collection of gloves, named Uno, features the very traditional aspects of goalkeeping glove design. We have Negative, Roll Finger and Surround Cuts available in a variation of Latexes, Quartz, Giga and Supersoft being our leading palms available. Look out for the Uno Impact Icon Pro glove, which has quickly become our iconic gloves worn around the world.

But, as I always aspired in my professional career, we at AB1GK want to improve. This is why we created our new Undici range of gloves, which features the very best of the latest cutting-edge technology that’s available in Goalkeeping glove production.

Our Gallatico SBR Smart Breathe glove features new extended main body glove, the Negative surround construction, sublimation print and silicon embossed backhand plus a Giga palm. All this proves that this glove gives you optimum performance in all conditions.

Also look out for our Undici Fuzo, Nero and Accademia ranges. These also feature a neoprene-based and negative finger construction, plus the very latest up to date designs for our silicon injection moulded backhands.

As always, we try to offer something for all ages and budgets, but at the same time to keep the very best level of quality and design. Both Uno and Unidici range of gloves have been in use on the top level of football – from our endorsees at Europa League, Seria A, Premier League or Bundesliga matches and to amateur and youth competitions around the world.

In 2020 we introduced the Elite Pro and the Accademia textile collections which features products that can be worn for training at the highest level or with your local grassroots football team.

We as a brand are also very passionate about giving back and inspiring the next generation of goalkeepers. Therefore, we have partnered up with some goalkeeping academies and institutes such as the Asmir Begovic Goalkeeping Academy and the Northern Ireland Goalkeeping Institute. Keep up to date with their development on our website.

I hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as I do. We try to bring goalkeepers the very best products at the best prices that are available in the market.

Asmir Begovic