AB1 Undici 2.0.1 SBR Galattico SmartFIT White Gold Size 9

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Designed by Goalkeepers for Goalkeepers, the Undici Collection brings together the latest developments in design, fabrics and production techniques.

The inclusion of Neoprene in the gloves brings with it immense physical toughness, combined with a water-resistant capability which remains flexible when subject to a wide range of temperature and weather conditions.

The addition of the enhanced silicon punch zone on the backhand gives the glove additional comfort, impact absorption and purchase around the knuckle area when punching the ball.

The all new Gallatico Smartfit SBR Glove uses revolutionary SBR SMARTFIT TECHNOLOGY. These gloves provide the optimum in ‘second skin fit’ allowing the hands to breathe and stay feeling fresh whilst giving maximum purchase when handling the ball.

Galattico SmartFIT Goalkeeping Gloves Features:

• The upper face of the glove features a neoprene and silicone injection back hand punch zone allowing for even greater impact and response on contact with the ball.

• The Hybrid Negative construction and extended 4mm Giga latex palm gives you a complete grip comfort in both wet and dry playing conditions.

• This glove can be worn with and without a wrist strap, our 2 colour options wrist straps are added if you find the need added support in and around the wrist area.


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