AB1 Undici 2.0 Flex 2 Goalkeeper Gloves Size 8

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 A glove designed to give the goalkeeper an optimum fit and flexibility on all parts of the hand  The 3mm Super Soft Hybrid palm features the Roll finger concept which wraps around the thumb, forefinger and little finger, the two middle fingers are a negative cut

The back hand features embossed latex and 2mm Scuba fabric backhand offers the best comfort and flex for all conditions

Single wrap full latex wrist band for a comfortable fit, which is easy to adjust.

Colour: White Out

SKU: AB0070


Our goalkeeper gloves use very high quality latex palms and materials, sourced and manufactured to offer the best possible grip in all conditions. Latex is a very soft, natural product and as such is subject to wear and abrasion over time. AB1GK cannot be held accountable for wear to the palms.

Prior to use:

  • Rinse the gloves thoroughly prior to first use with clean lukewarm water, this process helps rid the gloves of any impurities from the production of the latex or stitching process.
  • Please note that it may be advisable to wash the gloves more than once for maximum performance.

After use:

  • After use wash the gloves with a recommended glove wash or a mild detergent to remove any dirt from the palms and allow glove to dry naturally.
  • Do not allow the gloves to dry in a warm place or in reach of direct sunlight as this could make the latex brittle and damage the latex.
  • DO NOT DRY USING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROCESSES: Radiator, hair dryer, airing cupboard, tumble dryer or direct sunlight.

Most latex palms will begin to show signs of wear within their first use. This is normal and can be down to many factors that may include: many variables of play e.g. (the age of goalkeeper, their technique, the playing surface, how the gloves were prepared, were the care instructions followed).
As with all soft latex goalkeeper gloves the better you care for them the more life you will get from them.
Wear to the foams usually happens when the gloves come into contact with the ground, but they can also wear from something as simple as pulling your socks up, even when putting your gloves on as most gloves use a course Velcro closure which can be prone to wearing the latex.
If your latex starts to show signs of wear, don’t worry! Glove wear is normal, that’s just what latex does, latex is a soft natural product which is made to provide the grip that all goalkeepers need and want!

Please note that all goalkeeper gloves will offer grip and continue to perform until there is virtually no latex left on the palms.Deterioration will be particularly apparent during early and end of season use when the grounds are at their hardest. Do try to avoid glove contact with the ground if at all possible!
Young and inexperienced goalkeepers may also notice fast deterioration of the foam; this will become less apparent when the individual technique improves.

Our gloves are used by some of the World’s best goalkeepers who play on the best surfaces with the best quality footballs, most of whom use the gloves for a maximum of 6-8 games.


Glove cuts, the stitched seams and fingers do come under immense stress during the course of training and match-play.
AB1GK will not offer replacements or refunds for burst seams and damaged foam around the stress areas.
Great care should be taken when putting the gloves on and taking them off.

Please ensure that the correct size is selected, as seams will come under great stress when moving the hand if the glove is too tight.